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It is 2007. You are buoyed to nothing and have no one. Saturn is transiting your 11th house of friends, allies, and wishes, and you just got a job at Starbucks. Theatre, astrology, community. The third place. Who matters? Why? Bill Clinton is one of your customers. You are supposed to get a BFA, but you want to stay at Starbucks with your friends.

A charming myth. A forthcoming chapbook.

America's Next Top 20 Something is a webseries that I created, wrote, directed, and produced. I also star in it.  I wrote 12 episodes, and shot 9 of them in August and September of 2012, mostly in Peekskill & Somers, NY. To be able to shoot this series, I crowdfunded via Kickstarter. I released the first episode on my 24th birthday: March 4, 2013.

This series isn't perfect. But there are parts that still ring true. It was written after I spent 6 months living in my hometown after college. I fell in love with the stagnant suburban lifestyle that surrounded me. I didn't want to get out, but I knew I had to. And so I did. But then I spent the next year and a half creating this homage to that tiny bit of my life. This series feels a bit like the final act of a previous version of "me," but it also is a part of the me that is still here today. Just a different me. 

You can watch all of the episodes here.