Originally published on Instagram on July 26, 2018.

mercury retrograde is not about calamity


chaos or

things breaking down or

computers not working or

emails not being sent or

iPhones atrophying or

“being” “late” or

digital decay.

it’s not about any of that.

yes, those things happen.

but it is “not about that.”


it’s about space and time,

allowing room for error

to let in basic goodness,

or at least let in some air.

if you understand one thing I tell you.

I hope it is that:

mercury retrograde is femme.

think about mercury retrograde like this:

from our little position on earth -

“the center of everything” (which is the hilarious given of astrology)-

mercury appears to be moving backward.

mercury is not actually moving backward.

that is just how it appears. to us. the viewer.

the lil humans at the “center of everything.”


mercury is the only planet

in traditional astrology

that is not associated with the binaries.

she is not “masculine” or “feminine”

he is not “of the day” or “of the night”

they are not “eastern” or “western”

“hot” or “cold”

mercury is the fool who finds her joy in the first house,

the house of the self.

mercury embodies whatever she contains.

mercury is a vessel.

she is time,

a space to fill,


not a narrative,

but a story.


mercury retrograde is an offer from the universe

to slow down,


& explore.

take a peek in every crevice,

re-examine the path.

mercury retrograde can be a bummer 

if the goal is absolute “productivity”

let the goal be hypothesis.

take the time you need with the experiment

because sometimes pushing ever forward

actually gets you nowhere.

go back instead.