Just like the best cooking, astrology should be both divine & precise.

Astrology is not going to solve our problems. It's an ancient divinatory practice that is way bigger than all of us. It is beautiful and harmonious and the true definition of cosmic. 

It's not about who is or isn't texting back.  It's not about our special feelies, our personal victories, or our broken hearts.  It's about being tiny vessels in the giant universe that surrounds us. The seasons that pass through us. Seeing the morning and evening stars. Existing in the heart of the sun. Moving imperfectly like the moon. Reckoning with giant rocks and balls of fire. It's about considering & noticing patterns & accepting that though we do not control the motion of the universe, we may find ourselves within it and claim the powers that we do have. It's not about "what the stars  say," it's about what WE CONTAIN.

I have a lot to share. A natal chart reading, or astro-dramaturgy session with me is a dialogue, a chance to learn for both of us. As a poet, and as a lovingly obsessive consumer of music and visual art, I go into each reading determined to find & deliver:

  1. delicate aphorisms
  2. powerful images
  3. harmonious (& dissonant) insights

I love all of the normal planet things.

Currently, I am offering these readings & services:


portrait session

a full natal chart reading. we'll dig into the snapshot of the sky at the moment you were born, while also tracking images from the past & future to fuel the present. Great for someone looking for some deep insight into their journey & their circumstances, seeking signs and symbols, wanting to move on or up or out. Hunger, not just curiosity is key! in person or via (video) call.

$55-$85, sliding scale, for 1 hour.

l'essentiel [s]

a petit (prince) chart reading. we'll cover the basics, or answer a specific question. great for someone who is curious, who is developing an appetite, and wants a taste. in person or via (video) call.

$30, for 30 minutes.



Look, the other ancient art that I love (and have a deep history with) is theatre. For my whole life, and professionally since 2010, I have identified as a playwright, a performer, a director, a producer, and also, a dramaturg. I want to be your astrological dramaturg.  Let's dig into history. Let's see how you are connected to your most beloved public figures. Let's pick a date for your opening. Let's connect it all to the stars. Can be a one-time session or an on-going relationship.

Price based on request. Inquire with thoughts/ideas/dreams.


I have always paid attention to movement. Systems and patterns. I am an excellent listener. I have a great memory for moments, and a keen sense of event. Time is not linear.

Astrology has always been part of my life.  And since 2013, I have been seriously studying both modern and traditional astrology, through self-guided practice, and with Adam Elenbaas of Nightlight Astrology School.

In 2016, I launched moon missives, a digital zine (or vibe folder, if you will) of meditations for each new and full moon. The project now exists as a printed quarterly astro journal, and as horoscopes for every new and full moon, sent as digital inbox gifts. Because I am also an artist, and a writer, with an extensive background in performance, each zine release was also accompanied by an event, honoring the seasons, with rituals and performances. Find out about the next one here.

Please note:  Services are currently priced based on where I am in my practice.  My readings and services are learning experiences for both of us. Any additional inquiries can be sent directly to jaimeawright@gmail.com.