I am an artist.

I am a poet.

I am an astrologer.

All of my work is poetry.  This comes from a deep admiration and constant engagement with lyrical text. I love music and was trained as a classical 'cellist. Before anything else, I was a musician. I am no longer a musician, but I am a writer with a keen sense of rhythm. Of dynamics. And melody.

I am always writing lyrics. I am always writing songs.


I grew up in Somers, NY.

I moved to New York City to study theatre at NYU.

I never wanted to be a theatre artist, but it was a form that came very naturally to me. 

I have been experimenting and finding joy in framing my work as poetry and collage:

translating my deep understanding and respect for theater (event!) to a page.

I lived in NYC for eleven (and a half) years. In 2019, I moved to Los Angeles. *

My work is portraiture.
In fact, it is all a self portrait.
My work is rooted in my identity, and my wish to assert that identity in the world (usually in a way that is both bright and gradual). 

My work doesn't take reality for granted.

When creating collaboratively, my work embraces community and non-hierarchical modes.

I make art so that I can celebrate my peers. And learn. And be well.

I work really well with a partner. And with a team. Maybe that's you.